New Menu!!!

Today we launch our new menu. It has quite a lot of changes, subtle ones with existing dishes such as the dip that is served with the whitebait to huge ones like the addition of more pasta dishes and more steaks - these are following customer demand!

Look out for the Fish of the Day dish, it's meant to be a light dish, served with a melange of the freshest seasonal it includes olives, roquito peppers and fennel but it will change every day. And be brave and try the Duck Heart Salad, it's delicious!

We hope you like the changes and please do keep giving us feedback...


Finally live!

Wow it took me nearly a month, although it was Christmas too, to get the new website live due to a technical error. So here is finally is....

This is version 1.0 so it's very basic but now I can start playing around with it, adding images and more info about The Long Dog, The Team and our delicious food.

Please do USE this blog, give us feedback though it and we will endeavour to respond. What would you like to see on our new site? what do you need to know?

Thanks, TLD